Hey BIZBESTIE! I want to personally invite you to join my exclusive Facebook group, Starlapreneurs. 


Well my BIZBESTIE, I'm glad you asked: A STARLAPRENEUR is a feminist business owner who makes her own rules and is building her hot, bright empire online with her service businesses. Your STARLA CHARACTERISTICS exist not because you have well-manicured instagram photos or a polished look, hell- you may barely wear makeup and you're totally not concerned with the bizfluff we all see online. You're in it to win it, possibly dragging your children screaming along for the ride.

STARLAPRENEURS are coaches, creatives, indie biz owners, mlm direct sales stars or freelance mavens. 

WE ARE STARLA because us women entrepreneurs crave content, coaching and courses that speak to US as feminists. STARLA SISTERHOOD that we feel included in and can understand in our own ways.

Now, being a facebook group-groupie myself, I completely understand that you don’t have time for another Facebook group that isn't lazer focused on your problems: Getting your business started all while juggling your life with your family.

You’re a perfect fit for this group if you know without a doubt in your mind that you’re ready to take your life and business to the next level.

You have huge dreams, a giant "why" yet, you not sure how to gain the street cred, you're not so clear about how to go about making your ideas and passions a freaking reality and which steps to take next.

I post videos, livestreams, pretty printables, worksheets, audios and offer free coaching EVERYDAY. I'm also funny, real, honest and unpolished at times. Also my crazy and cute kids are along for the ride as well and make appearances.

No shitty fluff that sucks you in and brings you down like a black hole, just actionable strategies and step by step plans to create your ideal life and biz- ALL WITHIN THIS FB GROUP.