The Starla Intensive


Hi Starla! Let me paint a picture for you...

Imagine you are sitting outside a cafe, laptop out, coffee by your side. This is your office for the afternoon.

You have shopping bags at your feet from a high end boutique- a spur of the moment purchase.

Your hair, make-up and nails were just done, you treated yourself earlier.

You children and spouse are taken care of by housekeepers, caretakers and nannies for the moment.

You write out a quick post that instantly goes viral in your facebook group full of your BizBesties.

Everyone drools over every word you write and say.

You hop on a sales call, it flows so EASY.

She's your ideal client, and she gives you her credit card to pay for your products and services at the end of the call.

BOOM! This is what your business and life can feel like. 

But that's not what your really what's going on in your life and biz.

Seriously, you set out to create the life of your dreams but your biz has become a waking nightmare!

You struggle to know what to focus on and you have severe info-.overwhelmitis!

You struggle with what your even doing, aren't there a million other women trying to do the same damn thing as you?

You struggle with getting visible, because that might mean you actually sign a client and you don't know what the fuck to do with them after you sign them.


I was stuck, overwhelmed and the clients I did get underpaid and wanted all sorts of additional services.

I didn't know what to do to make consistent sales. I came from a sales background but it didn't exactly translate into the online realm.All I knew is I wanted to help women gain their FREEDOM

And even though I knew my stuff and could guide others in all things digital marketing, I had some fucked up mindset blocks.

I was so lost and couldn't admit it. 

I was constantly in groups lurking. Saying the wrong things, 

My confidence sucked. My marriage sucked harder. This biz was supposed to be my freedom, but I felt then like a prisoner.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

I'm here to tell you, Starlapreneur, you were MEANT for greatness. YOU WERE MEANT TO MAKE AN IMPACT.

You know what I was missing? Mentorship, Mindset, Sisterhood and COACHING! 

Once I joined a coaching program I was able to take action on all the stuff I knew I needed to do but couldn't.

I let my coaches guide me and implemented what they told me so that in turn I could help you ❤️

I STRETCHED MYSELF out of my comfort zone. I got humble. I did whatever it took



I am so excited about this offer, I KNOW it's going to transformative!

I'm am ready to OVER-DELIVER and go ABOVE and BEYOND for you, my BIZBESTIE!



This is for the busy women entrepreneur who is DONE with SLOW and is ready for FAST RESULTS

You know you need a SHOCK to the system. 

You know you need a fire lit under your life and biz so you can rise like the star that your are.

You know you need to uplevel so you can develop and learn faster than your competition.


You don't want a slow coaching program that can take months of icky calls

You don't want a cookie cutter coaching package that is a one-size-fits-all.

You want RESULTS, NOW. And you want it tailored to your specific business and life needs.


What you will get in the STARLA One-Day Intensive:

Before we hang...

  • Pre-Planning Workbook for full understanding of what you would like to focus and work on during the Intensive.
  • Messenger/Email support to answer any Q's so we can have a great day together.


  • Full day of coaching hosted virtually through video. (think Zoom, Skype, Messenger)
  • CLARITY on that dreaded ideal client avatar (I know you keep putting it off and we're finally going to flesh her out!)
  • Your messaging will shine like the STAR you are – you'll know how you stand out and be 100% you.
  • Create your suite of programs, offerings and packages so they BLOW THE FUCK UP online.
  • Develop a doable marketing strategy that is not a time suck and leaves you with crazed fangirls lining up to work with you.
  • Flesh out your first sales funnels that are easy to implement and grow your audience.
  • Figure out how how to sell with more ease and no sleaze, We'll CUSTOM make sales script just for you and your offers.


7-days after you'll receive the STARLA SKINNY: a unique, detailed report on our coaching time together, the full recording and ONE additional support call to go over all that juicy research I did for you!


"Do I need a website? I don't know anything ... Tech-y."

⭐No you don't! We can get you hooked up with a website or a landing page system fast!

"I have all these Ideas but how can I make them into sizzling products, offers and services?" 

⭐Our work together we will define your purpose, map out all your ideas, and create the actual product and any deliverables. 

"Can I start making money now even though I am just starting my business?"

⭐That really depends on you! If you follow the steps, take action and concentrate on what matters, you will totally find clients fast!


All the raving fans, a facebook group and email list full of women loving every word.

High-end clients that pay in full and FEEL like your best friend you've known your whole life.


(I'll tell you a secret now)

This is my brand new program!

I'm so excited I'm offering it for a LIMITED TIME and SPOTS are EXTREMELY LIMITED.


I know, crazy-pricing, Too-good-to-be-true.

I'm Starla-Bent on helping new coaches, freelancers, influencers, writers and service providers get started in their biz. 

The only catch? After we're done, you write and record a Testimonial, an honest assessment of our time together.

Other than that, I'm an open book and you know you wanna read me!


Not quite sure?

Have a few questions and want to hear my CrazyStarlaCool voice straight away?

Let's have hop on a quick call!