Program Punani


A 2 Week Coaching Program about Coaching Programs and Offerings

Build your coaching program and change a life.

If you are like me when I started my coaching business  then you've spent countless time researching how to define your audience, how to attract your tribe and how to offer your services and programs. I was in researcher mode for way too long.

Fuck. That. Noise.

That's why I developed "Program Punani" It's a program about programs- It's very META and exactly the jumpstart you need to grow your coaching practice. 


2 Weeks of super fast action to shock your system into creating your programs and getting your first clients.

One 1:1 intensive- 3 hours on skype or zoom getting down to all the key ingredients that make offerings juicy and have women begging to be in your programs. 

We will discover 

🥇The most important skill in putting a high end program together that your clients want right now.

🦄Fool proof method of defining your audience, ONCE AND FOR ALL. No more second-guessing. 

😜Your ideal client madness will STOP. And you will know who she is and more importantly who she is not. 

🔎How to reverse engineer your offerings so that you always guide your clients to success.

☘️We will create 3 or more different offerings that work off one an another to give your clients different choice so they are more worked-up and motivated to hire you.

Any other Q's will be A'ed. I'm a high-touch kind of coach.

👁️AFTER OUR 1:1 session you will have unlimited contact with me for 2 weeks via email/messenger. 

My eyes will be on you creations at all times.

I will be there holding you hand while you get visible and market yourself. 

Bonus:  You have access to my scripts for sales calls that convert. 

Other bonuses that I know you're going to swoon over.

You will finally feel good about your offers, and your business so content and marketing will become easy.

Your offers will sell out with ease and you'll feel GOOD about the work you're doing.

This new program is all about taking your business model by the pussy and setting your offerings and packages up for massive success! 

All of this is for my one time introductory price of $147!!!

Program Punani


You simply have to get in this intro price there is really so much to gain (your clarity around your favorite clients, your messaging, copywriting around your offerings and how to sell your programs out, all so you can have this amazing lifestyle on your own terms) and nothing to lose. This is you choice however, don't you think it's time to stop the confusion, stop being stuck and step into your power so you can pass your knowledge and talents to other women?  Your future clients NEED you! Make the decision to join Program Punani now!