I know we're going to be business besties, so I wanted to introduce myself.  

There was a time long ago (called the 90's) went I was the leader of a grunge girl band named "Starla" I came up with the name. We never really took off, and what I REALLY wanted to focus on was the branding and vision of this band. We were fierce before it was cool to say you were fierce, we were feminists, when I really didn't know what that meant.

We were fierce before it was cool to say you were fierce, we were feminists, when I really didn’t know what that meant.

I've never been the glamorous type, I definitely prefer comfort over beauty. And so this vision of STARLA I had was that the beauty, glamour was inside my grungy Doc Martin knock offs,

What it meant to be Starla was that no matter how I looked, my girlpower glowed bright, I oozed power and enthusiasm. I've always had a Starla heart.

Then marriage happened, a few times for me (Husband number three is a keeper!). I stopped my creative endeavors in the 2000's and turned to sales. That's right, I sold cars, a lot of them!

BACK THE F UP- In college, I focused on theater, communication, and psychology but mainly I focused in acting and directing. I didn't graduate, I never really used my theater skills until I began in sales. How I got into sales was interesting, I was working as a waitress when a local sales manager at a car dealership said I should think about getting into sales because I was able to foster a quick friendship, ask a lot of questions, always asks for the sale, always try to upsell always gave superior service-  all while being my brutally hilarious self in the process.  

I didn't realize that my time in theatre college would have prepared me for a career in sales.  

And in truth, the only way to make a living wage without a college education is to sell something. And a lot of it. Unless you have a specialized technical skill, like an airplane mechanic or a plumber sales is the way to go to get yourself out of debt, off of assistance, out of your parents house, and into  your own fabulously paid-for reality. (It's really fucking hard sometimes, or for long periods of time)

Then this thing called the internet happened TO ME. And as Gary Vanerchuk puts it, I saw it and thought- "I can sell shit on this!"

I became a momma to two daughter in the last five years and even though it was always my plan to go back to the daily grind of the 9-5 (or 7AM to 10PM for auto salespeople) once my first daughter was born something snapped inside of me and I knew I could never leave them for the traditional work environment. I just had to have time freedom.

Cue the online coaching and strategy biz!

So we've come full circle, and I took my Starla feminist power, sprinkled some theatre and communication on it, applied some strategic sales and marketing spice and baked it in the digital oven at 350 degrees. Voilà! 

If you're picking up what I'm laying down, you might want to come hang out with me in my private facebook group for *STARLAPRENEURS*. It's where I share all my writings, offerings, launches, videos, pretty printables, workbooks, cheatsheets, audios and a fuck-ton more.